Visitability Means:

- One zero step entrance on an accessible path of travel from the street, sidewalk or driveway

- Doorways that provide 32 inches clear space throughout the home's main floor and hallways that provide 36 inches of clear width

- Basic access to a half or (preferably) full bath on the main floor

Wide Pathways Provide Freedom

A wide, pink stone pathway snakes past a gorgeous garden with a variety of brightly colored orange, red, yellow and white bushes, and provides an accessible path to the porch of a tan and beige home. A deep porch with a heavy roof overhang provides a zero-step entry into home, shielded from the elements. Wide hallways, with black-stained wood, allow for a comfortable area of travel inside the home. A pink stroller sits, turned to enter a widened doorway into a room.

This home's wide front path is an appealing solution toward offering a zero-step entry.

Inside, the wide halls and doorways add ease when moving a variety of objects, from furniture to strollers.

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