Visitability Means:

- One zero step entrance on an accessible path of travel from the street, sidewalk or driveway

- Doorways that provide 32 inches clear space throughout the home's main floor and hallways that provide 36 inches of clear width

- Basic access to a half or (preferably) full bath on the main floor

Good Designs Lead to Better Homes

A sidewalk connects a concrete driveway pad to the porch of a tan and red Visitable home. Off the driveway sits a matching shed with a zero-step threshold and silver lever-style door handle. A man in a wheelchair and a women in a pink sweatshirt travel side-by-side along a strip of sidewalk from the driveway to the porch of the tan and red home. A man in a black jacket using a wheelchair uses a silver-colored lever-style door handle to open the red door into a home. A first-floor bathroom with a white shower sits off a wide entryway that also leads to a bedroom. An electrical outlet is on the outside of a kitchen island, allowing someone to plug in devices without reaching over a counter. A picture shows the length of the inside of the home, from the front door across the open, wood-floored living room, linoleum-tiled kitchen all the way to the back door.

An accessible path of travel leads from the driveway toward the covered entryway of this home. A zero-step threshold allows everyone to enter, and use, the shed.

Once inside, a first floor bathroom and open design allow visitors to enjoy use of the space. An outlet built on a kitchen island allows people to plug in devices without reaching over a countertop.

This Habitat for Humanity of Missoula built structure is one of several houses the organization has built with Visitability features since adopting a policy to only build Visitable homes.

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