Visitability Means:

- One zero step entrance on an accessible path of travel from the street, sidewalk or driveway

- Doorways that provide 32 inches clear space throughout the home's main floor and hallways that provide 36 inches of clear width

- Basic access to a half or (preferably) full bath on the main floor

Making Visitable Changes Might Be Necessary

A concrete switchback ramp with white metal handrails provides access to this grey-sided home. A concrete switchback ramp provides a shallow, accessible pathway past a garden to a front entrance several feet above ground level. A first-floor bathroom with white decor and no threshold allows visitors easy access to the facilities.

Many homes aren't initially designed with Visitability features in mind. Sometimes, when the homeowner requires it, ramps must be added to provide access.

This home has a concrete, switchback ramp with handrails to achieve the necessary zero-step requirement without being so steep as to be unusable.

A first floor bathroom with no threshold allows the owner and visitors alike to have access to the facilities regardless of mobility level.

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