Visitability Means:

- One zero step entrance on an accessible path of travel from the street, sidewalk or driveway

- Doorways that provide 32 inches clear space throughout the home's main floor and hallways that provide 36 inches of clear width

- Basic access to a half or (preferably) full bath on the main floor

Visitability Complements Style

A flat sidewalk passes through a woodchipped garden and lush lawn and leads to a glass front door of a very modern-looking grey, red and tan home. A zoomed in shot of the door, bordered by two large see-through windows, shows a zero-step entry and convenient lever-style door handle. A silver-colored door handle on a red and glass door. A very open kitchen and dining room with a grey, possibly stone, floor. A kitchen island, stainless steel refridgerator, black dining table, piano, and several decorative rugs are visible. A green rug gives way to an orange pocket door, sliding into a wall. The entrance leads to a bathroom, which has a shower that is seemlessly accessible from bathroom floor with no threshold.

Different styles of homes can incorporate Visitability features.

This modern-style home has a pathway that leads into an easily opened doorway, through a open kitchen and dining room, and into a first-floor bathroom with an accessible shower--without compromising the design and feel of the home. In fact, because they were part of the initial design, the zero-step entrance and other features feel like necessary and natural parts of the building plan.

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