Visitability Means:

- One zero step entrance on an accessible path of travel from the street, sidewalk or driveway

- Doorways that provide 32 inches clear space throughout the home's main floor and hallways that provide 36 inches of clear width

- Basic access to a half or (preferably) full bath on the main floor

Adding Connectivity Improves Function

A grey, modular home features two long ramps connecting the front and back decks to a driveway.  The front deck is made out of grey composite boards, while the rear deck and ramp are made from brown stained wood boards. A zoomed in view of the back wooden ramp. A small metallic lip smooths the transition from the end of the ramp to the concrete driveway. The grey ramp in the front of the house hangs nearly a foot into the drive. Several light green bushes press against the side with a safety guard to prevent wheels from sliding off. On the street-facing side, there is a handrail that ends just before the driveway. A man wearing a baseball cap uses a power wheelchair to travel up the back wooden ramp toward his rear deck. A man wearing a baseball cap uses a power wheelchair to travel up the front grey ramp toward his front door. A camo-colored bag hangs from the back of the chair. The man wearing a baseball cap continues up the ramp. The man faces the viewer from the top of the ramp, smiling. He is wearing a camo sweatshirt that says Cabelas and blue jeans. The man drives his power wheelchair off the end of the grey ramp onto the driveway. Towards the street is a green lawn with several manicured bushes near the home.

Providing continuity can be important.

This modular home features accessible paths to the front and back of the home, so the owner and guests can use either entrance. This can be especially convenient when hosting events on the back deck, as visitors can bid adieu without having to traipse through the interior of the home, but can if they so choose to.

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